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It’s not just a carry case, it's

The Adventurer's Kit:

You are playing your favorite game, and just when you are about to initiate a massive attack and daring rescue, you lose your dice, bending down to also see that your pencil needs to be sharpened. PAUSE THE GAME. Frustrating, right? Not anymore.

Introducing your all-in-one solution for your endless adventures and D&D fun.

From our basement to yours, we invite you to purchase The Adventurer's Kit today.


Your D&D game just got

a whole lot better:

Whether you are an avid Dungeons & Dragons compatriot or not, it no secret that this is a game of skill, expertise, imagination, and parts. Lots and lots of parts; dice, cards, and small pieces that are easily lost among the excitement and thrill of an eventful campaign. Combining functionality and design, we are excited to release what we believe will change the face of the game forever.


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