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The Mind Flayer Turn Keeper

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The Mind Flayer Turn Keeper

Our Mind Flayer version of The Turn Keeper is one this a complete redesign of the Turn Keeper displaying the iconic image of one of tabletop gaming's most fierce monsters.

This purchase comes with:

  • One Mind Flayer Turn Keeper
  • The Standard Set of 22 Magnetized Tokens
  • The Standard Set of Battlefield Tokens
  • The Mind Flayer's Turn Keeper "Keeper"

What is the Turn Keeper?

Gone are the days of not paying attention to whose turn it is and how many rounds have gone by. This is the most stylish way to keep track of combat in your game.

The Turn Keeper is a fully wooden mechanism capable of not only tracking your groups initiative, but also the combat round while looking like a gorgeous piece of art.

And the wait is over. Get one for your gaming group today!

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