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About Tabletop Artisans

The one and only D&D command center designed specifically for you.

One sunny afternoon at the Wisconsin county fair, Jake yearned for the dark of his basement. The day’s festivities had been fun, but he couldn’t help thinking of the campaign he and his compatriots had left behind, longing to be back in the action. This desire was so bold that it got Jake to thinking about what he could do to bring the festivities of the day to the campaign tableside. Spending years playing the game, Jake and friends often thought, there had to be something better.

Acting upon this inclination to create the perfect D&D table, Jake and Tom tirelessly tried to create what many would call the “dream table”. However, when they started looking around, it seemed like there were already plenty of great table options available. So, why try to reinvent the wheel when it’s already been created?

That’s when Tom started to wonder if there was something else the tabletop D&D community needed, and immediately thought about its storage. How many curses had been sent to the Gods over dropped books, lost dice, the constant need for a pencil sharpener, and so much more? Could Jake build a case to contain everything for the tabletop player on the go? And what hidden potentials could lay inside this kit if it was not only a carrying case, but a command center? And that's when the idea was born.

Introducing The Adventurer's Kit

Combining everything you need into one easily transportable tabletop kit, your D&D game just took a new turn.

Advance your adventures, transport your campaigns, and tell a story with your friends anywhere you please. From our basement to yours, we invite you to experience D&D like never before. Purchase an Adventurer's Kit and let the adventure begin!

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