Happy New Year!

About Tabletop Artisans


We’ve been designing and making tabletop gaming and RPG accessories since 2016. We started with a few very complex products. They were beautiful and worked great but became difficult to produce for our small company without costing a fortune for our customers. We were in a real pickle as we wanted to make our products more accessible but also well built and beautiful. So we set out to find a way to create products that function well, look great and are reasonably priced without compromising on quality.

So how did we do it?

Great material: We started using Russian and Finnish Birch plywood which is one of the strongest engineered wooden materials on the market without the cost of hardwoods. 

Precision cutting: Most of our items are cut using a laser, which essentially means your items are cut with light! Laser cutting provides high accuracy and very little waste as the laser beam is just 0.004 inches wide! It also helps us make more items withfewer people.

Meticulous finishing: We bring color, character and mood to the wood with a large selection of colorful stains that allow the beautiful grain to shine. Each piece is thoroughly sanded and finished with 3 coats of lacquer from each side to give it a smooth and luxurious feel. The lacquer also brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain and protects it.

Our items are all handmade by us with the help of Max the dog in our home shop in Northern Illinois. 


d&d dice tray, Hex Chest, high quality dice